Iyengar yoga with Suzanne


Guidelines on face-to-face classes at Northfields Community Centre.

To keep the space safe for you and everyone else, please read these guidelines thoroughly and do not hesitate to ask any questions before booking a class.

I am following Government guidelines closely and will update accordingly.

While Covid-19 guidelines are followed and stringent measures are in place, students come to the centre and classes at their own risk.


• in the last 24 hours beforehand you have felt feverish, had a new or worsening cough, felt short of breath, had a sore throat, or had episodes of vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

• In the 2 weeks before a class you have had any contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 or been advised by a health authority or doctor to self-quarantine.


  • Classes will be smaller and MUST be pre-booked and paid for in advance using the website and new online system
  • Please BRING YOUR OWN MAT, BLANKET AND EQUIPMENT (BELT, BLOCKS, BRICKS).   I have some used equipment I am selling or I recommend https://www.yogamatters.com/
  • Social distancing:  2 metre distance between students and between students and the teacher
  • One way system for entry (main entrance) and exit (through the fire exit at the front of the building next to the stairs)
  • Hand sanitiser provided on entering the studio
  • Toilets – Men are to use the unisex disabled toilet (not the gents toilet next to room 1) and women the designated women’s toilet or unisex toilet as before
  • Any equipment used and stored at the centre (e.g. chairs/tables) will be sanitised after use
  • In case of emergency, safety is priority. In the event of fire or accident social distancing may be discarded if unsafe.
  • In case of emergencies a full PPE kit will be with the defibrillator in the kitchen
  • If you have had Covid-19 and recovered, please ensure you have received the all-clear from your health practitioner to resume physical activity and inform me of your condition and recovery.


• Please arrive five minutes (not earlier) before the start of class

• Come already changed in yoga clothes

• Follow the one-way system within the centre

• Bring your own mat and equipment

• Wash your hands thoroughly before and after class or use hand sanitiser

• Limit your time off the mat

• A mask can be worn when moving around the centre. It is not recommended during class though this is optional

• If you sneeze or cough please do so into your elbow and use paper tissues that you throw away immediately

• Please limit your time in the studio after class

Words Suzanne Gribble Photographs Mel Moss Photography