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Children and teenagers

Free online classes for teenagers

Since February 2021, Iyengar Yoga (UK) have offered free classes for teenagers taught by certified and experienced teachers.  Classes continue for the summer term.

Free classes for teenagers

Ensuring yoga is accessible to children is more vital today to counter stress and anxiety and poor postural habits.  It is a positive balance to those actively engaged in sport, including gymnastics and dance as well as suitable as an alternative for those who aren’t very physically active.

Yoga for children and teenagers helps develop flexibility, strength, stamina and self confidence as well as a quieter mind.

I have enjoyed teaching children since 2013 and teach a variety of regular classes during term time, since March 2020 on line as well as face-to-face again briefly in the autumn of 2020.

Younger children are generally transparent and open through their behaviour and mood and telling you exactly how they feel. It has been very rewarding to see their progress and receptiveness during classes and sharing their experiences at the end of the class.  Some have told me ‘I feel like an angel’ or ‘I feel like a newborn baby’.

I teach occasional holiday workshops.

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