Iyengar yoga with Suzanne


What should I expect from a class?

Classes start with a few moments of quiet to prepare for the practice. Preliminary postures to mobilise and warm up the body follow. Asanas (or poses) would consist of standing, seated and supine poses with the focus on alignment, body awareness and building up strength.  A theme or sequence links the poses and could incorporate twists, forward bends, back bends and abdominals.  Inversions are included and at the end restorative poses to prepare for relaxation.  Approximately every four weeks classes focus on restorative/pranayama (breath control).

Props, such as blocks, bricks, blankets, chairs and belts, are used to help to work correctly.

What should I bring?

Please bring your own mat and blanket.  Some equipment (blocks, bricks, belts and blankets) is available in all venues but do bring it with you if convenient.  This consists of 4 blocks, 2 bricks, a belt and blanket. Equipment is available to buy at yogamatters.com

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing, such as leggings or shorts and wear layers to be warm for restorative poses and relaxation. Yoga is practised in bare feet.

Can I eat or drink before/during class?

Ideally leave three to four after a main meal and two hours after a light snack/breakfast.  It is not advisable to drink water during the class; ensure you hydrate before and after.

Medical conditions?

Please let me know of any medical conditions, such as long term conditions, high blood pressure, back, neck or knee problems, any menstrual disorders or if you are feeling a bit under the weather. There are always alternative poses to accommodate.

During menstruation all inversions should be avoided and certain poses, such as strong standing poses, twists and unsupported back bends.

If pregnant, it is essential you let me know and not start as a beginner. For those not new to yoga, it is recommended not to attend class until after the first trimester.

Words Suzanne Gribble Photographs Mel Moss Photography