Iyengar yoga with Suzanne


Suzanne is a highly skilled teacher of Yoga and a wonderful person. I have attended her classes for around eight years (over Zoom since the Pandemic) and they have been consistently true to the spirit of Yoga: calm, non-judgemental, encouraging and challenging in a positive way.

I am very grateful for the care and thought that Suzanne puts into her teaching which enables her to seamlessly offer her students a number of alternative poses to cater for their individual levels and needs. I have benefitted so much in terms of my flexibility, confidence and self esteem. Thank you, Suzanne!


I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your teaching. I really enjoy your classes and especially value the way that you combine the precision and structure of Iyengar yoga with sincerity, compassion and gentleness.


I quite proudly told two friends that I just completed my 50th yoga class on Zoom!  I can’t believe it.  Thanks so much to Suzanne and her teaching skills and Iyengar yoga, I made it through lock down in much better shape, both physically and mentally.  


Thanks a lot for helping me get through lockdown, it has been a real help, physically and mentally!


It’s great to have the discipline of something regular each week and to keep my yoga up to scratch. I always feel so much better after the classes, mentally and physically.


I have been attending Suzanne’s Iyengar yoga classes since 2017 and have very much enjoyed them, learning a great deal and always feeling safe. I have been made to feel comfortable in a class with some students clearly much more advanced and others struggling as much as I am. Days after the pandemic lock down was announced, Suzanne published instructional videos on YouTube, circulated home practice training sequences and started her first Zoom yoga classes which she has continued regularly ever since to her usual high standard.  I’m glad I invested in my own equipment but the support of such a skilled and inspiring teacher is invaluable. We all long to resume normal classes but, in this current state of affairs, life would be immeasurably poorer without the stimulus and challenge of Suzanne’s classes.


Thank you very much for your classes, they are a wonderful way to keep us positive!   

Nathalie and Herve

I’m really enjoying Suzanne’s classes on Zoom as a beginner. It will take a little while to become familiar with the main poses – and probably rather longer to successfully execute them! –  Nevertheless, I find yoga is already developing a greater awareness of my body, which is good because it is easy to forget to pay attention to this. I particularly like the way the practice develops strength and suppleness, whilst cultivating inner calmness.


Thank you Suzanne for ensuring that we have all kept up with our yoga on Zoom during the pandemic. The classes are still of the same excellent quality and it is always so reassuring to hear your calm voice giving us instructions! I always feel relaxed and energised afterwards. I have learnt so much about Iyengar yoga since attending these fantastic sessions and I can honestly say my physical and mental well being have dramatically improved.


I’ve been to a number of yoga teachers and Suzanne is by far the best. Everyone in the class gets her attention and as a result I feel safe in her hands. The class is always enjoyable with its mix of poses, stretches and relaxation. I always look forward to Suzanne’s classes and highly recommend them no matter what your level of experience.


I have been coming to Suzanne’s classes for over two years. In that time I have felt my body get stronger and more supple, and I believe the yoga has helped me in other ways too, not just physically, as I always feel more relaxed and positive after each session. I love the way Suzanne teaches, with so much individual help and kindness. Letting you go at your own pace if you need, but also pushing you when she knows you can go further. It is a lovely mindful class to be part of and I always look forward to Mondays!  


I love Suzanne’s classes.  No matter how tired and grumpy I feel at the beginning of class, I’m always relaxed and energised by the end…One of the many things I love about her classes is the way she gently corrects and offers modifications. 


Since attending Suzanne’s classes I have found her to be knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and she helps you work towards improving your asana practice. At the end of class my body feels more aligned, stretched, stronger and balanced. I highly recommend Suzanne’s classes. 


Skillful, fun and safe. I wish I’d found this class ages ago.   


Suzanne is an excellent teacher – she is very patient; accommodates people of all levels of ability; gives everyone individual attention and varies each class. I leave every class feeling so much better than I did when I arrived!  


I’ve been coming to Suzanne’s classes for a few years and she always enquires to our health. I enjoy Iyengar Yoga as it supports my dodgy knees so I’m able to enjoy yoga. While you may not know what you want from your class, you always leave getting what you needed!


Words Suzanne Gribble Photographs Mel Moss Photography