Suzanne Gribble Yoga

Iyengar Yoga with Suzanne


“I’ve been to a number of yoga teachers and Suzanne is by far the best. Everyone in the class gets her attention and as a result I feel safe in her hands. The class is always enjoyable with its mix of poses, stretches and relaxation. I always look forward to Suzanne’s classes and highly recommend them no matter what your level of experience.”



“I have been coming to Suzanne’s Monday yoga class for around eighteen months. In that time I have felt my body get stronger and more supple, and I believe the yoga has helped me in other ways too, not just physically, as I always feel more relaxed and positive after each session. I love the way Suzanne teaches, with so much individual help and kindness. Letting you go at your own pace if you need, but also pushing you when she knows you can go further. It is a lovely mindful class to be part of and I always look forward to Mondays!”  



“I always feel relaxed and energised after Suzanne’s classes. I have learnt so much about Iyengar Yoga since attending these fantastic sessions and I can honestly say my physical and mental well being have dramatically improved.”



“I love Suzanne’s classes.  No matter how tired and grumpy I feel at the beginning of class, I’m always relaxed and energised by the end…One of the many things I love about her classes is the way she gently corrects and offers modifications.” 



“I have been attending Suzanne’s classes for about a year and have found her to be knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and she helps you work towards improving your asana practice. At the end of class my body feels more aligned, stretched, stronger and balanced. I highly recommend Suzanne’s classes.” 



“Skillful, fun and safe. I wish I’d found this class ages ago: well I have now.”   



“I have been going to Suzanne’s classes for the past eighteen months. Suzanne is an excellent teacher – she is very patient; accommodates people of all levels of ability; gives everyone individual attention and varies each class. I leave every class feeling so much better than I did when I arrived! ” 



I’ve been coming to Suzanne’s classes for two years and she always enquires to our health. I enjoy Iyengar Yoga as it supports my dodgy knees so I’m able to enjoy yoga. While you may not know what you want from your class, you always leave getting what you needed!”


Written by Suzanne Gribble Photographs Mel Moss Photography